American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has been a part of Manhattan in New York City in the United States since 14 decades. It is one of the largest museums across the world and has 25 buildings that are interconnected. The museum has about 46 exhibition halls, research laboratories and a library. These are the permanent aspects of the museum.

The permanent exhibition halls have names that have stayed with the museum for years. The Akeley Hall of African Mammals opened in 1936. The hall was named after Carl Akeley who was an explorer, taxidermist, sculptor and photographer. The hall was actually created and conceived by this explorer who sent his colleagues on expeditions to Africa to study and catalogue plants and animals.

The Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites has some great specimens of Ahnighito, a 34 ton meteorite. It also has extra solar nanodiamonds that are more than 5 billion years old. The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Hall of Human Origins serves as an education center for children. It shows the process of human evolution in life size dioramas.

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Hall of Gems and Minerals has a large number of geological specimens and showcases rare and valuable gems and gemstones. One of the great pieces is Patricia Emerald, a 632 carat that has 12 sides. It is considered to be the world's most precious emerald and was found in a mine in the Columbian Andes. The gem was named after the mine owner's daughter. Another gemstone that was once displayed here includes the Star of India, a large sapphire that is extremely popular with visitors. The star has been shaped into a cabochon to enhance the beauty of the stone. This stone was stolen in 1964 along with the Eagle Diamond and de Long Ruby. While the Star of India was recovered in a Miami Bus Station, the Eagle Diamond has never been recovered.


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